Status Report for Debian Continuous Integration, Week 8

Brandon Fairchild csbit32 at
Fri Jul 11 23:21:38 UTC 2014

Status Report for Debian Continuous Integration, Week 8

This week I continued working on the data charts.

I created a superclass called Graph to contain the common functionality 
for the data charts. I also created subclasses for each type of chart 
(GraphPass and GraphPercent).

The methods for graphing the pass/fail and pass percentage data charts 
were moved to each subclass.

After working on the classes, I organized the data charts on the status 
page. As a result, the data charts are organized by one architecture per 
row and one suite per column.

The new data charts are also replacing the JavaScript charts.

Some screenshots of the status page can be found on the wiki [0].

Next week I plan to finish working on the data charts and to start 
improving the package search.

Brandon Fairchild


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