Status Report for Debian Continuous Integration, Week 9

Brandon Fairchild csbit32 at
Fri Jul 18 23:56:06 UTC 2014

Status Report for Debian Continuous Integration - Week 9

This week I worked on the package search and finished working on the 
data charts.

The package search is being implemented in JavaScript. As of now, it 
works mostly the same as it did before the start of the coding period.

A list of packages appears under the search box when a package is being 
searched for and the list is hidden when there are no characters in the 
search box. The package history that used to appear next to a selected 
package is now gone. Instead, the package page is shown for the selected 

I also started to work on searching for a package by suite and architecture.

Screenshots of the package search can be found on the wiki [0].

Next week I plan to continue improving the package search functionality.

Brandon Fairchild


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