[GSoC2014][debci] Weekly report

Lucas Kanashiro kanashiro.duarte at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 17:57:36 UTC 2014


This week I sent a new path to jemalloc's maintainer, and his feedback was that
this bug is already fixed in the latest version of package (he received another 
bug report about it). The another patch that I sent last week about gearmand 
package was applied in the latest version of this package. Now, I think that I 
will send a patch to gnuplot soon and I am working to correct the suit test 
related of autopkgtest of coreutils package, locally (in my PC) I can correct it, 
but I can't do it using debci environment yet.

Best regards,
Lucas Kanashiro Duarte
Engenharia de Software - FGA/UnB

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