where to maintain DEP8^W autopkgtest spec now

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Jul 28 16:32:35 UTC 2014

Hello Stefano et al,

Stefano Zacchiroli [2014-07-25 12:23 +0200]:
> Antonio, would the approach/experiment proposed by Russ be good enough
> to address your concerns? Personally, I'll be more than happy in moving
> the autopkgtest spec to the policy repo, and having you and Martin Pitt
> as both editors and committers for the spec (and possibly also Jakub
> Wilk, as sadt author, if he is interested).

That would work for me. I'd be equally happy to move the autopkgtest
git to collab-maint, so that interested parties can edit it there, if
that's any easier. I really like how collab-maint is being used today,
and I don't have the impression at all that DDs go crazy and randomly
break stuff in "foreign" gits just because they can.

I'm not sure how much sense it makes to aggregate all the different
specs like Python packaging or autopkgtest into one repository. It
makes it a bit harder to link between that and other parts of the
documentation (like README.running-tests and the click format
specification, which isn't and shouldn't be under the DEP umbrella at
least right now).

But I don't have a strong opinion on that matter, as long as we can
agree to a reasonable source format (like ReStructured Text or
Markdown, or something similar, not an XML docbook monster as source)
and auto-convert them to nice HTML pages.

> If you agree with that, on my part I can take care of finalizing DEP8,
> i.e. marking it as ACCEPTED and adding the disclaimer that further
> changes will happen in the new sub-policy.

Cool, thanks!


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