Bug#749242: integration with debuild to run autopkgtest tests after build

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Jun 2 10:08:01 UTC 2014

Hey Jelmer,

Jelmer Vernooij [2014-05-25 17:25 +0200]:
> I realize this is kind of hand-wavy, and it likely requires changes to
> debuild, but it would be great if it was possible to automatically run
> the DEP-8 tests after a package build, much like is currently done for
> lintian.

This is already kind of possible with debuild's hooks. E. g. you can put that
into ~/.devscripts:

  DEBUILD_POST_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_HOOK="adt-run %p_%s.dsc --- null"

I figure this won't be a very popular option as running tests for
every single debuild invocation would be a rather awful time sink and
make developers rather angry :)

Writing the hook might be easier if there were some more macros such
as the path to the directory that debuild was invoked in (as it
changes directory to ..), the destination release, etc. For these I
think this bug should be reassigned to devscripts.

But TBH I think it would make more sense to integrate this into
sbuild. With that you already have an appropriate testbed (and know
the target release etc.), and sbuild has really flexible hooks. The
main question is how to tell sbuild to run the tests or not which
should be as simple as possible; e. g. one could run a package build
in schrootname-test and write the hook so that it only invokes adt-run
in *-test schroots.

But this depends on some more specific description when you'd like to
run autopkgtest. Personally I just tend to manually call adt-run
before an upload, and not after each test build.


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