Bug#749655: autopkgtest: chokes on libreoffice; leaves 2GB copy of source tree behind in output dir

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Wed Jun 4 09:46:38 UTC 2014

Hey Antonio,

Antonio Terceiro [2014-05-28 19:36 -0300]:
> I am setting severity to important because leaving 2GB behind at every
> test run is pretty nasty on automation systems.

Argh, indeed. Agreed!

> admin at ip-172-31-36-237:/var/lib/debci/tmp$ time sudo adt-run -u debci --gnupg-home=/usr/share/debci/gnupg -o libreoffice libreoffice --- schroot debci-unstable-amd64

I ran that command on that very box, and it didn't fail on copying the
tests tree, so I can't reproduce that particular error. :(

Instead my run failed much later with

  adt-run: testbed failed: sent `copydown libreoffice/apt0-tests-tree/ /tmp/adt-run.Fx9J46/apt0-build/libreoffice-4.2.4/', got `timeout', expected `ok...'

and libreoffice/ does not have a tests-tree, it got cleaned up properly.

So let's see what we can pry out of that log.

> dpkg-source: warning: diff `libreoffice-4.2.4/debian/patches/i18npool-icu53.diff' patches file libreoffice-4.2.4/i18npool/source/collator/collator_unicode.cxx twice

FTR, these are cosmetical and don't break the unpack.

> adt-run: testing package libreoffice version 1:4.2.4-3
> adt-run: * <apt:apt0> build not needed

Getting here means the unpacking in the testbed was successful.

> admin at ip-172-31-36-237:/var/lib/debci/tmp$ echo $?
> 16

This means that adt-run or the testbed exit()ed by itself through
bomb(), and it wasn't terminated by a signal. So the atexit handlers
should run. What's really strange is that there is no error message at
all. Every bomb() has an error message which should be visible on
stderr. Your log definitively has stderr, maybe something got cut off
somehow? Do you still happen to have this in scrollback?

> admin at ip-172-31-36-237:/var/lib/debci/tmp$ du -shc libreoffice/*
> 1.9G	libreoffice/apt0-tests-tree

In my current run the complete copied up tests-tree is 2.7 GB. Thus I
conclude that the act.tests_tree.copyup() failed somehow (I don't know
why, that'd require the error message).

However, I do see one error in the code:

    act.tests_tree = TestbedPath(...)
    atexit.register(rmtree, 'tests-tree', act.tests_tree.host)

That means the cleanup handler is only registered after a successful
copyup(), and that's what failed. So I need to register it earlier.

That will fix the leftover test-tree in the result dir, but of course
it won't fix the cause why the copyup failed. Are you ok with leaving
this bug for the cleanup failure?

If you can reproduce the copyup failure, can you watch out for an
error message?



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