[GSoC2014][debci] Weekly report

kanashiro kanashiro.duarte at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 18:20:06 UTC 2014

This week, my mentor and I planned a new strategy. I will select the packages 
that I will work based in time of test suite execution. We decided to do it
because we see that minor the test suite more simple is correct it.

After this, I started to work in mod-gearman package (the minor test suite). I 
identified the test that are failing and start to study a way to correct it.
I can correct the test, initially I added a restriction to run test with root
permission, because the test try to see the status of a service and can't do it.
I took the diff and sent to my mentor, and he showed me a best way to correct 
it, only adding all the path of 'service' in test and removing the root 
permission. After this revision, I finally send my first patch to mod-gearman! I 
use 'reportbug' to do it. I sent it a little time ago, because of this I didn't
receive the email confirmation to attach here for you.

I will continue with this new strategy, with this, I will select my next package
to correct it.

Lucas Kanashiro
Engenharia de Software - FGA/UnB
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