Bug#751574: autopkgtest: adt-virt-schroot fails to find non-existent schroot session

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Sun Jun 15 08:07:49 UTC 2014

Hey Neil,

Neil Williams [2014-06-14 13:40 +0100]:
> adt-run: $ vserver: adt-virt-schroot unstable
> adt-run1: ** open, scratch=None
> <VirtSubproc>: failure: could not find our session in ""

Can you please re-run this with "--- schroot -d ...", to get debugging
output of adt-virt-schroot?

> I've noted this FIXME:
>     # determine mount location
>     # FIXME: "schroot --location -c sessid" really ought to work, but fails; so
>     # grep from --all-sessions until this gets fixed
> However, schroot --location -c unstable does work:
> $ schroot --location -c unstable
> /srv/chroot/unstable
> Which is, I assume, what autopkgtest is trying to find.

Not quite, "unstable" is a chroot name, not a session ID. The latter
doesn't seem to work:

$ schroot -c sid -b

$ schroot --location -c sid-amd64-cf55a0df-a987-47ed-b4b4-7afaed7becec
E: sid-amd64-cf55a0df-a987-47ed-b4b4-7afaed7becec: Chroot not found

$ schroot --location --all-sessions



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