Bug#770517: autopkgtest: installs an init script with inconsistent dependencies/sequencing

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Tue Nov 25 10:00:48 UTC 2014

Control: tag -1 pending

Simon McVittie [2014-11-21 22:10 +0000]:
> My search indicated that autopkgtest can install an init script
> (on VMs) with:
> # X-Start-Before:    $network
> [...]
> Is there any reason for this script not to start earlier, in rcS?

Argh, thanks for pointing this out! The X-Start-Before is just some
leftover from copy&paste'ing. The script doesn't require networking at

I don't want to start the script too early, at least not during rcS.
Fixed here:


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