Bug#769687: autopkgtest: FTBFS with no network access

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Tue Nov 25 10:11:10 UTC 2014

Hey Daniel,

Daniel Schepler [2014-11-22 20:21 -0800]:
> OK, the original test failure that triggered me to try this build was:
> I'm doing a local rebuild of all packages in the archive, using a
> setup with a local archive so that it can "eat its own dog food".
> With that setup, I'm getting this failure:
> [...]
> AssertionError: 'libcgraph' not found in '[...]

Hmm, no error from apt. I suppose for that I'd need to be able to
reproduce that failure here. But anyway, this should be fixed in git
now, where the test gets skipped if apt-get download isn't available.

> > Note that you can build with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck to skip the
> > test suite.
> In my testing, this didn't seem to be the case.  Your debian/rules
> overrides dh_auto_test without reproducing the
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck handling of dh_auto_test.

Argh, indeed. Fixed:


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