Bug#764795: autopkgtest: Binaries in .changes are registered in wrong order

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Sat Oct 11 11:26:26 UTC 2014

Control: tag -1 moreinfo

Hello Tristan,

Tristan Seligmann [2014-10-11  9:15 +0200]:
> When passing a .changes containing binary packages to --changes, the
> binary and source packages seem to be registered in the wrong order,
> causing the dependency installation to fail as the binary packages from
> the .changes are not yet available. Passing the binary package(s)
> manually using --binary *before* --changes fixes the problem.

This works fine for me, and there's also a test case for it. Can you
please describe precisely what you did and which exact commands you
ran? Please also attach the full output of adt-run, preferably with -d
(debug info).


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