Bug#779559: dpkg-source: Add test dependencies to .dsc

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Wed Mar 4 10:00:08 UTC 2015

Hello Guillem,

Guillem Jover [2015-03-04 10:42 +0100]:
> Ah, indeed, making it clear that this is strictly not for "dependency"
> purposes, seems better. It just crossed my mind that it might make sense
> to strip the version information from those dependencies, and only list
> package names, but given that those dependencies can have alternatives
> «foo (>= 1.0) | bar», they should probably be preserved?

Stripping versions sounds good to me. For alternatives I'd either
split them out as separate triggers (if we want to trigger tests on
alternative changes too), or just ignore them completely (if we don't
want the extra test runs).

> > It's even conceivable that package maintainers want to maintain this
> > field manually, like "run the tests for the nvidia graphics driver
> > whenever the kernel changes". But auto-generating it in the described
> > manner would still be an useful default IMHO.
> Right. So then we either need to replace it with the information
> from the testsuite, or extend it in a similar way as how the Testsuite
> field is currently being handled. I'd tend to think the latter.

I'd say, if debian/control already has that field, dpkg-source
shouldn't touch it at all. That way you can avoid unnecessary reverse
dependency runs if the maintainer decides so?

> When I said coalesce any other dependencies I was thinking about the
> following situation. Say we have a package with an "autopkgtest"
> testsuite with dependencies «foo (>= 1.0), bar», and another "newchecks"
> testsuite with dependencies «quux, frob, bar». And then the
> Testsuite-Triggers ends up being «foo (>= 1.0), bar, quux, frob».
> If I'm only interested in running either autopkgtest or newchecks for
> the whole archive, I might get triggered for packages that I'm not
> interested in, which would be wasteful. And to get accurate
> information we are back to having to unpack the source packages. This
> might get worse the more testsuites we get.

OK, agreed. So putting that together, how about:

  XS-Autopkgtest-Triggers: foo, bar, baz

which gets the union of all test depends, minus @, without versions,
and with alternatives either expanded or ignored?

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