Contributing autopkgtest tests to important packages

Christian Kastner debian at
Mon Mar 16 18:40:39 UTC 2015

Hi Antonio,

thank you for your comments!

On 2015-03-16 15:38, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 04:06:33PM +0100, Christian Kastner wrote:
> If you end up looking for a place to consolidate shared code that will
> be used in multiple packages, we can think about adding it to autodep8.

Ah, I hadn't thought of that -- could be quite interesting indeed. I'll
revisit this when/if some common code crystallizes.

>> I plan to add the following tests:
>>   Test: upstream-testsuite{-flavor}
>>         If the upstream source has a testsuite that can be invoked with
>>         `make test` or some such, use it. The -flavor suffix is
>>         optional, and useful for eg: python2/python3 distinctions.
>>   Motive:  no explanation necessary
>>   Example: [2]
> Note that `make test` and friends will usually run against the local
> source tree, what somehow defeats the purpose of testing the installed
> package (of course, it is still better than nothing!).

My goal will be to coerce such test suites to always use the installed
package, for example by copying away the test suite (and only the test
suite) to $ADTTMP, and getting things to run there.

> Another issue is that for compiled languages, a build may be necessary,
> what brings two problems:
> - the build may take a lot of time, slowing the whole CI process down.

If a test suite would require a build, I'd probably skip the test suite
(for now), and implement only the "basic-" tests I mentioned in my
initial mail.

> - we are, again, not testing the code that is actually in the archive.

Yep, I'd really like to avoid that, and focus only on what is actually
shipped to the user for now.


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