Bug#833503: autopkgtest: accesses the internet during build

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Fri Aug 12 08:21:26 UTC 2016

Control: severity -1 normal

Hello Chris,

Chris Lamb [2016-08-05 10:02 +0200]:
> Whilst autopkgtest builds successfully on unstable/amd64, according to
> Debian Policy 4.9 packages may not attempt network access during
> a build.

I'm lowering severity as

 - Violating a "may not" is not an RC bug as per policy 1.1.

 - While this is technically part of a "required" d/rules target, it
   only affects running the tests. These can be skipped with

 - autopkgtest itself and the tests only download things via "apt-get
   download" (which is not random internet access but stays within the
   boundaries of the Debian archive, same like installing build
   dependencies). These tests get skipped if "apt-get download" fails,
   thus this is *not* an FTBFS if network access does not actually

So I believe that while this can be interpreted as a policy violation
it is still acceptable by the spirit of policy 4.9. I could completely
disable the network-using tests during package build, but that would
make regressions harder to detect.

> The culprit seems to be:
>  testbed.satisfy_dependencies_string('git, ca-certificates', 'install git for --git-source')

That is one case -- your testbed does have "git" installed (otherwise
that tests would be skipped), but not "ca-certificates" to actually be
able to  verify SSL certs. I recommend to install that in your system
as well.

The various test_tmp_install*() test cases also download some packages
with "apt-get download", so these would need to be skipped as well if
this is really to be considered a policy violation.


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