Bug#846328: RFH: autopkgtest -- automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Wed Nov 30 10:48:05 UTC 2016

Package: wnpp

I have been the only de-facto maintainer of autopkgtest for some
years, Ian does not have time for it any more. This has been fine so
far as maintaining Ubuntu's CI machinery has been a major part of my
current job in Canonical. However, from next year on I will move
somewhere else and thus won't have much time for autopkgtest any more.
As this is a central piece in Debian's CI too, it would be good to get
more hands on it.

Coordination and discussion happens on
which is fairly low-traffic. I'm happy to review patches and sponsor
uploads, but I'd really like to mentor other people about the
structure, how to test autopkgtest itself locally, etc.

Description: automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages
 autopkgtest runs tests on binary packages.  The tests are run on the
 package as installed on a testbed system (which may be found via a
 virtualisation or containment system).  The tests are expected to be
 supplied in the corresponding Debian source package.
 See autopkgtest(1) and /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest.
 Depending on which virtualization server you want to use, you need to
 install additional packages (schroot, lxc, lxd, or qemu-system)
 For generating tests of well-known source packages such as Perl and Ruby
 libraries you should install the autodep8 package.

Thanks in advance!


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