Bug#839072: autopkgtest: Allow for GitHub-style PR urls

Barry Warsaw barry at debian.org
Wed Sep 28 17:24:54 UTC 2016

On Sep 28, 2016, at 04:52 PM, Martin Pitt wrote:

>First, thanks for working on this! I'd love to make it straightfoward
>to test a github branch with a single autopkgtest invocation.

Seems pretty easy!  Attached is the patch.  I tested this with both GitHub and
GitLab branches and pull/merge requests.  E.g. all the following work nicely:

$ autopkgtest https://gitlab.com/user/project.git
$ autopkgtest https://gitlab.com/user/project.git#branchname
$ autopkgtest https://gitlab.com/user/project.git#merge-requests/1/head

$ autopkgtest https://github.com/user/project.git
$ autopkgtest https://github.com/user/project.git#branchname
$ autopkgtest https://github.com/user/project.git#refs/pull/1/merge

Each stanza above describes the master branch, a specific other branch, and
the respective hosting services' names for pull/merge requests.
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