Bug#839253: autopkgtest: --testname incompatible with Test-Command:

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Fri Sep 30 22:16:58 UTC 2016

Hey Barry,

Barry Warsaw [2016-09-30 14:17 -0400]:
> AFAICT, if you specify a test with Test-Command: there's no way to
> select it with `autopkgtest --testname`.  A couple of thoughts:

You can actually -- they get named "command1", "command2", etc, same
names that appear in the logs and in summary.

> * Allow Tests: and Test-Command: to coexist.  In such a case, the
>   Tests: field would be used for --testname matching while the actual
>   tests would run from Test-Command:

The interpretation of that would be a bit confusing as Tests: is
plural and can specify multiple tests.

> * Add a Test-Name: field solely for the purpose of matching
>   --testname.  Of course if Test-Name doesn't exist, it would fall
>   back to matching on Tests:

I'd slightly change that idea to be Test-Command-foobar:, to provide
an optional name? Test-Command: would then continue to get
autogenerated commandN names.



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