Bug#855954: autopkgtest: can't handle packages with a + in its name

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Thu Feb 23 21:03:37 UTC 2017

Control: tag -1 pending

Hello Ralf, Antonio,

Antonio Terceiro [2017-02-23 17:10 -0300]:
> $ autopkgtest --apt-upgrade minisat+ -- lxc --sudo adt-sid-amd64
> [...]
> E: Version '1:2.2.1-5+b1' for 'minisat+' was not found

Ah, gotta love apt.. a --debug run shows what's going on:

+ apt-cache policy ^minisat+$
+ sed -n /Candidate:/ { s/^.* //; /none/d; p}
+ pkg_candidate=1:2.2.1-5+b1
+ [ -n 1:2.2.1-5+b1 ]

I have to do this ^$ wrapping as otherwise apt-cache policy does some sort of
substring matching. RE-magic chars allowed in package names are '.' and '+', so
these need to be escaped. Fixed in


(Don't look too closely at this shell hell, your eyes will pop out..)


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