current failure with --apt-release/--apt-pocket

Martin Pitt mpitt at
Sun Jan 22 15:45:17 UTC 2017

Hello Paul,

Paul Gevers [2017-01-18 21:54 +0100]:
> Maybe one of the readers here is better in telling what really is going
> wrong with my implementation of --apt-pocket. The failure log is below.
> I don't really know how to read it and am not even sure which non-zero
> exit code is the fatal one. I assume the code that fails is in
> /tmp/autopkgtest.1X0U7n/build.6aH/real-tree/debian/tests/pass.


> Is there a way to see the content of that file, such that I may see what I am
> doing wrong? Even with --shell-fail, that dir is cleaned up.

It's constructed here:

        p = self.build_src('Tests: pass\nDepends:\nRestrictions: needs-root\n',
                           {'pass': '#!/bin/sh -e\ntest -e /etc/apt/sources.list.d/proposed.list'})

See "def build_src()" -- it gets the contents of d/t/control and then a
file name → file content dict for debian/tests.

I. e. d/t/pass  is simply that "test -e" for proposed.list, and apparently that
dosn't exist any more. Maybe your new implementation changed the name of the
generated file?

Your debug output does not contain anything related to setting up the apt
sources for the --apt-pocket argument -- I suggest adding some if you can't see
what's wrong right away.

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