how do you want your britney commits (unfinished)

Niels Thykier niels at
Tue Sep 12 20:15:00 UTC 2017

Paul Gevers:
> Hi Niels,


> I am (slowly) progressing through my britney2 changes for autopkgtest
> support. I have incorporated the Ubuntu implementation on the Debian
> britney2 stack and have fixed the regression tests that Ubuntu provided,
> at least those that I think should remain working in the Debian setup,
> which is the fast majority.

Ok. :)

> My aim is to implement the support for autopktest in such a way that it
> keeps on supporting the use-case for Ubuntu, while supporting the Debian
> use-case as well. Do you want/appreciate that as well?

Sounds reasonable from a social PoV, though I admit I am unaware of the
technical consequences of that.  Though they are presumably minor?

> Now I'd like to already share what I have with you, but it isn't
> finished yet. I am working on a dedicated branch for now. Do you want me
> to push this branch to github already, or doesn't that work as intended
> (by me)?

Feel free to use a branch on github or create a user-specific repo on
alioth.  Either way will be fine with me. :)

> My next steps will be:
> - add support for debci results from file (additional to the Ubuntu
> implementation where results are directly downloaded by britney2 from swift)
> - make URL's in excuses (for autopkgtest results) configurable to enable
> code sharing between Debian and Ubuntu (and other derivatives)
> - adjust britney2 to not block on autopkgtest failure but instead adjust
> the required age depending on the results (lower for pass, raise for
> regression)
> Paul

Sounds good. :)  Once again, thanks for working on this. :)


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