Bug#876008: autopkgtest: Wrong statement about Testsuite field in documentation

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Sun Sep 17 10:48:56 UTC 2017

Control: tag -1 pending

Hello Rafael,

Rafael Laboissière [2017-09-17 12:11 +0200]:
> In file doc/README.package-tests.rst, there is this sentence:
>    To allow test execution environments to discover packages which
>    provide tests, their source packages need to have a ``Testsuite:``
>    header containing ``autopkgtest`` (which is currently the only
>    defined value).
> This was true in 2014, before the autodep8 pacakge started introducing the
> autopkgtest-pkg-* values.  The statement is innacurate today.

Indeed, and I fixed that in git about a month ago already:


(I'll add the Closes # for this bug). I didn't upload a new autopkgtest so far,
as git has changes which need a newer debci. This just got unblocked yesterday,
so I'll do an upload soon.



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