I proudly present: first version of apt-release

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sat Sep 23 16:33:20 UTC 2017

Hi Martin,

On 17-09-17 21:37, Martin Pitt wrote:
> I think the general direction of that is fine. I commented on the github
> commits, as that's a rather convenient place. However, that wasn't ideal either
> as a lot of the commits belong together or change previous commits; OTOH,
> diffing your branch against master (to get the complete picture) is also a bit
> difficult as they diverted a bit. Can you please rebase your branch against
> master and squash related commits together? (Like defining an option,
> implementing it, and the corresponding test case).

I rebased the changes, merged a lot and added a missing test case. Some
minor changes were needed as discovered by the new test case.

New branch (to keep the old comments, not sure if that is needed):


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