Migrating to salsa

Rafael Laboissière rafael at debian.org
Sat Mar 3 07:31:47 UTC 2018

* Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at debian.org> [2018-03-02 21:25]:
> I have just migrated all our repositories to Salsa:
> https://salsa.debian.org/ci-team

Great, thanks.

I cannot check the repository settings (because I do not have Master 
access) but I would suggest to you, if you did not do it yet, to set the 
https://webhook.salsa.debian.org/tagpending/${pkg} webhooks.  This is 
handy for automatically tagging bugs as "pending" in the BTS.

Another issue that should be addressed is related to the deprecated 
mailing lists on Alioth.  For now, we are using 
autopkgtest-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org as both the value of the 
Maintainer field of the packages and a place for development discussion.

You might request the creation of new mailing at lists.d.o, e.g. 
debian-ci at lists.debian.org, for using as a discussion medium.  It is 
possible to migrate the archives and the list of subscribers form Alioth 
into lists.d.o.

In order to avoid the noise on the new mailing list from different 
services (Debian FTP Masters, Debian testing watch, 
debian-devel-changes, etc) that send messages automatically, we could use 
another value for the Maintainer field of the packages.  One possible 
solution is to use the Debian PTS.

We could create a team, say "debian-ci", at tracker.d.o and add all 
packages (autodep8, debci, debian-ci-config, and autopkgtest to it. After 
that, the Maintainer field can be changed to "Debian CI Team 
<team+debian-ci at tracker.debian.org>".  People interested in receiving 
email messages sent to that address can subscribe to the group at 
tracker.d.o.  Notice that the user can choose the level of granularity 
they want to have, by managing their subscription keywords (bts, build, 
upload-source, etc). [*]

Furthermore, we might activate the "Emails on push" integration service 
for the repositories in Salsa.  Again, the PTS can be handy here, because 
we can use the addresses dispatch+${pkg}_vcs at tracker.debian.org.  Users 
interested in receiving commit notifications can subscribe to the "vcs" 
keyword at the PTS.



[*] https://tracker.debian.org/accounts/subscriptions/

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