Bug#875914: autopkgtest: support Conflicts: in debian/tests/control

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu Mar 22 20:42:52 UTC 2018

Control: tags -1 -moreinfo

Hi Daniel,

On 21-03-18 11:12, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> afaict, the autopkgtest spec doesn't say that all
> implementations/backends will start from a minimal environment.  And
> some users want to run autopkgtest locally in some schroot that might
> have other packages already installed.


> furthermore, there are some "minimal environments" (e.g. "standard
> install") which contain packages that might be conflict with some
> obscure tests (e.g. a network management daemon with a normal use case
> that needs testing that doesn't work when ifupdown is present).
> does this help explain why an explicit conflicts would be useful in
> avoiding false negatives?

Others may have more knowledge on this, but I don't think autopkgtest
has the knowledge of the installed packages in the testbed. At least I
think not until it actually starts up the testbed and asks. And when
autopkgtest is there, you can as well do that yourself, and even try to
remove the conflicting package if you know what you are doing. (Add a
breaks-testbed restriction)!

So if my statement is true and autokpgtest needs to interrogate the
testbed, than I don't think this feature will come any time soon.


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