Bug#875914: autopkgtest: support Conflicts: in debian/tests/control

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Thu Mar 22 21:03:03 UTC 2018

Hello Paul,

Paul Gevers [2018-03-22 21:42 +0100]:
> Others may have more knowledge on this, but I don't think autopkgtest
> has the knowledge of the installed packages in the testbed. At least I
> think not until it actually starts up the testbed and asks.

Right, it does that. But that already happens anyway when it installs the test
dependencies, so in principle it could also call apt-get purge on the test
conflicts afterwards. It's just riddled with a number of potential traps (see
my other reply).

> And when autopkgtest is there, you can as well do that yourself, and even try
> to remove the conflicting package if you know what you are doing. (Add a
> breaks-testbed restriction)!

This is true, the test can of course do all these checks and apt invocations,
and decide by itself what to do when a conflicted package is installed (like,
skip the test, skip part of it, remove it).
So this at least should not be a blocker for anyone, just maybe less
convenient than the declaration.

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