[Bash-completion-devel] mount label|uuid

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Tue Apr 14 18:40:07 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 14 April 2009, gibboris at gmail.com wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 05:27:49PM +0300, Ville Skyttä wrote:
 > Also, the leading /UUID/ seems to me as superfluous, i.e. why 'sed -ne
> > /UUID/s/^UUID=.../p' instead of simply 'sed -ne s/UUID=.../p' ?  (Ditto
> > for LABEL.)
> I always believed it was a performance gain as it will skip any line
> without this pattern and never charge a buffer with more than 5 characters
> of a non-matching line but.... I never did tests about that and it's maybe
> a myth :[

Oh, ok.  Anyway I would find it surprising if it was measurably different in 
this (/etc/fstab) case.

> Also I removed the leading ^ as a fstab line mays begin with blank.
> Last doubt : adding a leading ^[^#]* to the regexp as, in this world it may
> exist some stupid fstab like :
> #UUID=foo
> /dev/sda1....
> or
> /dev/sda1 .... 0 1 #UUID=blah
> I wish this attachment satisfactory :)

Applied with minor changes (leading whitespace taken care of with 
^[[:space:]]*, that takes care of comments as well).

> A last thing : why the cygwin and solaris COMPREPLY don't use $(compgen --
> $cur) instead of $(grep "^$cur") ?

A lot of things currently have that flaw, I have a patch in progress that 
fixes some of them.  Patches obviously welcome ;).  I also added a note about 
this in README's CONTRIBUTING section.

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