[Bash-completion-devel] dlocate does not complete filenames

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Dec 27 22:03:06 UTC 2009

Ciao David,

On Sun, 27 Dec 2009, David Paleino wrote:
> ..and, turns out that we're not handling it, at all. It's in the dlocate 
> package, bug reassigned.

Ok, thanks for finding that out ;-)

> > but I have to purge bash-completion until you ask me, because currently it
> > is as useful as a keyboard filled with coke.
> Please, please, don't continue on this line.

Well, I filed again and again bugs against it, the core problem is ...

> > The point here is that if nothing is found, maybe the completion
> > algorithm is incomplete ... or forgot some options ... you never know
> > in what ways people abuse the system. And then it should fall back
> > to what normal bash would do by default, namely complete the path.
> AFAICT, with the current structure of bash-completion, you can't do any 
> "global" thing. So you can't "complete on filenames" when "nothing is found" 
> -- you have to handle it per each completion.
> Please file a separate bug if you want to continue on this point, as we're 

That I have done long time ago: #550676


> Ciao Norbert, e Buone Feste! :)

Anche a te, vedremmo che porterá il nuovo anno!

Best wishes


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