[Bash-completion-devel] [PATCHES] review some patches from Mandriva

Santiago M. Mola cooldwind at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 08:39:43 UTC 2009


Let's review some patches.

El lun, 12-01-2009 a las 23:55 +0100, Guillaume Rousse escribió: 
> Second, I'd prefer all potentially slow completion (rpm database
> querying, scp remote completion) to be easily desactivable. For those
> reason, we patch openssh and rpm completion to add COMP_RPM_DATABASE and
> COMP_SCP_REMOTE variables. See 
> bash-completion-20090108-rpm-database.patch and 
> bash-completion-20090108-scp-remote.patch in our bash-completion package
> sources:
> http://svn.mandriva.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/packages/cooker/bash-completion/current/SOURCES

I think this needs a more general solution. See the thread "New
directory layout" for a start. If that doesn't provide enough
granularity, maybe there could be a variable
BASH_COMPLETION_DISABLE_COMMANDS or similar with a list of disabled

> Apart those global change, I also have simpler patches easy to
> review/merge, all from our bash-completion package:
> http://svn.mandriva.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/packages/cooker/bash-completion/current/SOURCES
> Those patches add additional helper functions:
> bash-completion-20060301-kernel-completion.patch

Since the function completes kernel versions (and not locations, for
example), the funnction could be renamed to _kernel_versions or similar,
for clarity.

> bash-completion-20090108-device_ids.patch

_usb_ids looks good.

_pci_ids doesn't work here. If I do the following change:
"lspci -n | awk '{print $4}'" ->  "lspci -n | awk '{print $3}'"
it works on my system.

Maybe lspci behaves differently on Gentoo and Mandriva? I have version
3.0.2 here.

> This patch makes a better command completion, allowing to specify an
> offset in caller function (see our strace completion for an usage
> example):
> bash-completion-20090108-better-command-completion.patch

I'm not sure I got this right. Bash-completion already completes on
'sudo command', does this extend this making possible to specify also
'sudo' options?

> Thoses patches correct some details in rpm completion:
> bash-completion-20060301-fix-old-rpmfiles-pattern.patch

Looks good.

> bash-completion-20060301-rpm-macros.patch

Is /etc/rpm/macros.d present on all rpm-based systems? If not, you may
want to check for its existence.

> bash-completion-20060301-rpm-suggests.patch
> bash-completion-20090108-lzma-completion.patch
> bash-completion-20090108-more-standard-perl-completion.patch
> bash-completion-20060301-getent-completion.patch

Looks good.

> bash-completion-20060301-bibtex.patch

I don't know too much about LaTeX but, aren't .aux for general LaTeX use
and not just BibTeX?

> Hope you'll like this additional material :)

It's really nice ;-)

Santiago Moisés Mola
Jabber: cooldwind at gmail.com | GPG: AAD203B5
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