[Bash-completion-devel] Layout change

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Mon May 2 16:18:03 UTC 2011

On 05/02/2011 06:07 PM, David Paleino wrote:

> $ tree -L 1 /usr/share/bash-completion/
> /usr/share/bash-completion/
> |-- bash_completion
> |-- completions
> `-- helpers

That looks fine to me, but I'd like to get rid of the
altogether.  I don't see why they would be required, couldn't we just
resolve them based on bash_completion's location (i.e. assume that the
completions and helpers dirs are in the same dir)?  That'd probably
require some changes to the git layout, but I wouldn't have any problems
with that.

And while at it, wouldn't it be possible to get rid of the
BASH_COMPLETION variable as well?

> I hope that's ok for everyone -- before reverting, please let's discuss the
> reasons here :)

No intentions or wishes for reverting, but here's a couple of comments:

The change broke the test suite's perl test cases.  This is trivial to
fix (just define BASH_COMPLETION_HELPERS_DIR in source_bash_completion
in test/lib/library.exp) but I didn't fix that yet because of the above
wish to get rid of some variables altogether.

configure.ac uses datadir in a way I suppose it shouldn't - it will
quite probably interfere with how people use --datadir.  I've seen
pkgdatadir used because of this in other packages.  I didn't fix this
either yet again because I'd like to get rid of the extra variables...

Once these things settle down, I intend to add a pkgconfig file that
people can use for locating the dirs where they can drop additional
completion files.

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