[Bash-completion-devel] some patches from a git repo

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Tue May 3 18:22:00 UTC 2011

On 04/06/2011 04:29 PM, Raph wrote:
> Hi,
> here I put some bash-completion stuff there:
> https://gitorious.org/drzraf/bash-completion

Sorry for taking so long, here are some comments and excuses ;)

> You'll find:
> - the patch for #311708

I'm not convinced we will need something like this.  There's already
~/.bash_completion in which users can do whatever they like, ditto
/etc/profile.d/bash_completion.sh.  We've just removed all these dir
variables except the compat dir one, and things will probably continue
to change once we get to taking full advantage of bash 4.1+'s features
(dynamic loading etc).

> - a slightly modified ifscheme completion (which was lost in translation)

I don't know that command (seems Debian specific?), but eyeballing the
completion, at least it should make $schemes local.

> - a (still buggy) burn-cd completion

This is another command I don't know or seem to have available, and I
don't feel comfortable with applying something that's known to be buggy

> - a mysql client completion based on the mysqladmin script

This I intend to look closer into sometime.  But here are the first few

-D|--database: What's the -E argument to sed?

-D|--database: mysqlshow may exit with an error (permission denied etc),
I suppose it needs a 2>/dev/null.

--default-character-set: the -I argument to ls is not portable, and I
suppose this could be done fairly easily without ls and sed altogether.

(long list of hardcoded options): Could most likely use _parse_help for
this now.

> - a fix for the sitecopy completion
> - the (... omg ...) tc(1) completion (may be useful for the ip(1) comp)

I have no clue about these commands, someone more familiar with them
should look into them.

> - 2 versions of the wget completion

Why 2 versions?  What are the differences, and which one do you
recommend?  I don't think we want more than one completion per command.

All completions could be updated/"modernized" to take advantage of some
recently added goodies available in git, but those can be done after
merging.  Test cases for the new commands and the fixed bugs would be nice.

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