[Bash-completion-devel] Bug#825317: bash-completion: Un-escaped "~*" leads to spurious NSS lookups

Nathan Stratton Treadway debbugs2016 at nathanst.com
Mon Jun 27 01:45:55 UTC 2016

00-fix_quote_readline_by_ref.patch was introduced in
bash-completion v1:2.1-3 as a fix for bug 739835 "filename completion
broken with bash 4.3".

The patch file was originally pulled from Ubuntu, where it was created
to fix two LP bugs: 
* avoid escaping 1st '~' (LP: #1288314)
* avoid quoting if empty, else expansion without args only shows
  dirs (LP: #1288031)

Interestingly, LP: #1288031 includes a comment (#9) saying that this
Ubuntu/Debian patch was no longer needed due to upstream Bash fixes, but
it's not clear to me whether the same is true for the "unescaped ~*"

Meanwhile, Ubuntu has just released new versions of the bash-completion
package, with a patch (15-add_backslash_for_tilde.patch) to the
00-fix_quote_readline_by_ref.patch file to fix the Un-escaped "~*" bug;


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