[Build-common-hackers] binary-arch runs dh_installdirs on binary-indep packages

Daniel Schepler schepler@math.berkeley.edu
Mon, 04 Aug 2003 02:35:26 -0700

reassign 203985 cdbs
severity 203985 minor
retitle 203985 cdbs: binary-arch runs dh_installdirs for binary-indep packages

OK, I figured out that I probably wanted binary-install/libmath++-doc
instead of install/libmath++-doc anyway, which should fix the build
failures in my package.  However, a binary-arch build still runs
dh_installdirs -plibmath++-doc, which I find to be a bit weird.  If
you still say this is intentional, though, feel free to either close
the bug or tag it wontfix.
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