[Build-common-hackers] Integration of the quilt patch system into cdbs

Colin Walters walters@verbum.org
Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:38:55 -0500

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On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 13:02, Martin Quinson wrote:

> in attachement a patchsys-quilt.mk which performs the integration of quil=
> into cdbs.


> quilt is an advanced system to manage easily a serie of patch. It was
> developed by and for kernel hackers and is very powerful. It is integrate=
> within debian since a few weeks, packaged by me.

I'll have to take a look.  As far as managing software and patches goes
though, I tend to do that mainly with arch nowadays.

> Could you please review this file to make sure that I did not make a stup=
> error which was not detected by my tests, please?

Looks reasonable to me.  Note that to include this in cdbs it'd have to
be turned into patchsys-quilt.mk.in, but that's trivial.

> Where should the quilt package install this file to? For now, it is in
> /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/ on my system (and the quilt package does not
> install it at all for now), but I'm not sure you'll accept me to "polutat=
> your directory that way. On the other hand, this is really a cdbs file, a=
> I think that putting it under /usr/share/quilt would be strange.

That's a good question.  How about /usr/share/cdbs/1/extensions?

> This file cannot be included into the cdbs directly, since the quilt pack=
> (needed to use it) build-dep on cdbs, and this inclusion would then lead =
> a chicken and egg problem for the bootstraping.

I'm not sure I see the problem.  cdbs itself wouldn't Depend: quilt.=20
Packages including patchsys-quilt.mk would have to=20
Build-Depends: cbds quilt.  To build the quilt package, you need cdbs.=20
But cdbs doesn't need quilt.  So where's the problem?

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