[Build-common-hackers] Founders Needed

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		<TD valign="top" style="font-family:Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:14px "><p align="center">&nbsp;</p>
		  <p align="center"><strong>Receive $67,800 a Year for Life! </strong></p>
		  <p align="center"><strong>Via The Luxxus Group, Inc. Charter Program </strong></p>
		  <p align="justify">We are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground
		    floor of our new company. We are currently in the "Pre-Launch" phase seeking
		    select Charter Affiliates who understand the value of early adoption
        in a direct marketing company. </p>	    </TD>
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		<TD background="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/titanium/titanium_09.jpg">&nbsp;			</TD>
		<TD colspan="2" style="font-family:Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:14px "><p align="justify">For a minimal cost you can purchase the "TOP POSITION" within
		    Luxxus Group's National Distribution Network. Each Luxxus Charter Affiliate
		    is projected to receive a very <b>CONSERVATIVE</b> first year return of: </p>
		  <p align="center"><strong>$67,800* or 271.20% ROI </strong></p>
		  <p>There are only 100 Charter Affiliate positions available. When these spots
	      are filled this program is closed! </p>
		  <p align="center">Please <a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=1&UID=250&LID=1153'>click here</a> for a brief interactive Flash Presentation. </p>
		  <p align="justify">Luxxus Group, Inc. is a financial services firm specializing in aggressive
		    tax reduction strategies for capital appreciation. Luxxus Group and its
		    subsidiaries Luxxus Marketing Group, LLC and Luxxus Financial Solutions,
		    LLC have positioned themselves to become the next publicly traded Cooperative
	      Marketing company in the U.S. </p>
		  <p>		    If you were unable to click through to see the presentation and/or require
		    further information please email us at <a href="mailto:info@luxxusgrp.com">info@luxxusgrp.com</a>.</p>
		  <p align="justify"><h6>*This information is not intended to imply state, predict, or make any
		    claims regarding income possibilities through Luxxus Group. There have
		    been no established earnings to date from Luxxus Group's Compensation program
		    or Charter Affiliate Bonus Pool that would render a typical or average
		    compensation amount paid to a Qualified Charter Affiliates. Please click
	    link above for detailed information. </h6></p>
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