[Build-common-hackers] Documentation

Colin Walters walters@verbum.org
23 Jul 2003 02:07:23 -0400

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 08:13, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> Heya!  Giving the cdbs talk at debconf was good fun.  I hope they get it
> ripped soon so the rest of you can see what I promised people... ;)

Cool :)

> One of the biggest comments was about Documentation.  We have Docbook in
> our TODO list.  I'm wondering if texinfo might be a better choice.  It
> gives us a few things:

I've used Texinfo before, and I'm familiar with it.  I have a
not-so-strong preference for Docbook, mainly because I don't like TeX's
ad-hoc markup.

But if you're going to be writing the docs, you get to decide what
format it's in :)