[Build-common-hackers] I need your assistance!

Mariam Ajao mariam_ajao_omotoriola@gawab.com
Sun, 2 Nov 2003 04:30:13 +0000

My Dear friend=2C
I am sorry to encroach in your privacy=2C please permit me to introduce myself to you=2E
My name is Mariam Ajao Omotoriola=2C I am the eldest daughter of late Engr=2E Omotoriola Ajao=2C I am 22 years old and a final year students of Mathematics in the University of Ibadan=2EI lost both parents in a plane crash on the 4th of may 2002 in the city of Kano=2C Nigeria=2EMy late father Engr=2EOmotoriola Ajao was the then Area Manager of Petroleum Pipeline Marketing Corperation =28PPMC=29 before his death=2E He was a wealthy man=2C and infact a model=2E Before his death=2C he had about 3 petrol station and  numerous properties in the country=2E But after his death=2C his family members teamed up and sold all his properties both fixed and current=2C and now we are left with nothing=2E About two weeks ago=2C my father's personal lawyer=2C Thomas Emoson =28SAN=29 contacted us and made us understand that my late father has some amount of money to the tune of =28$3=2E2 million usd=29=2CThree million two hundred thousand United State dollar in a suspense account 
in a finance house in London=2E He went further to say that he has the  legal power as my fathers attorney to release all documents that will enable us make claims to the fund=2C but that the only problem we will have is that we will have to look for a honest foreigner who  will act as my fathers partner in business so as to make claim to the  fund=2E
Consequently=2C I also intend to donate part of this fund to the 
motherless babies and orphanage once we are able to claim the fund because as an orphan I have suffered so much=2C and I know what it takes for one to stay without parents=2E This is the reason why I decided to seek for your assistance and cooperation to help us make claim to my father property=2E  As soon as I receive your positive response=2C I will inform my father's lawyer so that he can reach you and explain what is expected of you in this matter=2E I urgently await your response through my personal email address=2E 
Mariam Ajao=2E