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Thu, 6 Nov 2003 08:09:52 -0800

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Dear Sir=2C

I am Dr david dukemy=2C a business consultant in Nigeria=2E I am introducing this business to you with all hope that you will not let us down now or in future=2E

My client Chief Mrs=2E Loloh Ekpeyion Idoko is the wife of Chief Ekpeyion Idoko=2C an environmentalist=2C human right activist and the paramount leader of their community Abo-Degema=2E This community is an oil rich community endowed with natural resources=2E This community is situated in the south of Niger Delta Area of Nigeria=2E As a leader of their community notably oil companies like Shell B=2EP=2C Shevron=2C Elf=2C Total=2C Mobil etc pay him loyalties of cash and valuables like gold and diamonds=2E

Following my clients husbands fight for the environmental protection of his community and human right he was arrested=2C detained and convicted in a kangaroo military tribunal during the last military tyrant of Late General Abacha regime=2C all his assets=2C both his personal and family accounts confiscated and frozen despite the interventions by American and European Governments=2E But before his death in prison=2C he told his wife about the existence of a reasonable amount of money and valuables in a box deposited with a security company with an anonymous name=2E The boxes contains Seventy Five Million United States Dollar =28$75=2C000=2C000=2E00USD=29 with Gold and Diamonds=2E Although the security company doesnot know that the boxes contains money because it was registered as Gold and Diamonds=2E

Our purpose in this project is to claim this funds and valuables from the security company using your name as the owner and beneficiary=2E REMEMBER YOU RUN ABSOLUTELY NO RISK AS ALL PROCEDURES HAVE BEEN PUT IN PLACE PENDING YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO WORK TOGETHER WITH US=2E

However I will not forget to let you know that this business must be handled in strict confidence=2C trust=2C and mutual understanding=2E 

Finally the sharing modalities stands like this=3B You will have 30% for standing as the beneficiary=2C and 5% set aside for expenses we might incure during the course of the transaction and the remaining 65% for us=2E

Waiting to hear from you as soon as you receive this mail=2E
Reply to my private email =5Bdukemy=5F77davng=40verizonmail=2Ecom=5D
Thanks in anticipations and God Bless=2E


david dukemy