[Build-common-hackers] Implementing debian/*.in file generation

Robert Millan zeratul2@wanadoo.es
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:03:33 +0100


I'd like to discuss how to implement the functionality in CDBS to generate
debian/* files dynamicaly from debian/*.in templates.

My suggestion for the interface is:

In debian/rules, you define a variable, e.g: DEB_GEN. Then CDBS runs sed for
each of the "foo.in" files in order to generate "foo", and
$(DEB_GEN) is passed as argument to sed.

For example:

  DEB_GEN := s/@foo@/bar/g s/@bar@/foo/g

Then CDBS invokes:

  for i in debian/*.in ; do cat $i | sed s/@foo@/bar/g | sed s/@bar@/foo/g \
  > `basename $i .in` ; done

I'm not sure, however, in which part of CDBS internal files would this code
have to be put. If you give me some clue on this, I might be able to send a
patch that implements it.


Robert Millan

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