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			<IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_01.jpg" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=124 ALT=""></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_02.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=404 HEIGHT=124 border="0"></a></TD>
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			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_04.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=83 HEIGHT=124 border="0"></a></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_05.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=370 border="0"></a></TD>
		<TD colspan="2" valign="top" style="font-family: Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px "><p align="center"><strong style="font-family: Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:18px ">How often have you dreamt of playing golf on the PGA
        Tour? </strong></p>
	      <p>Every duffer has the dream. A hush comes over the crowd
	        as you step up to the tee. Big John Daly       is standing next to
	        you ready to match your tee shot. Or, if you're in the Women's Tournament,
	        perhaps it's <span class="style1">Annika Sorenstam       watching in
	        the background over your right shoulder as she waits her turn. </p>
	      <p align="justify"> <span class="style1">Fairway Fantasy Vacations       is about
	        to take a very fortunate few where only PGA Tour Professionals have
	        been - right in the hunt of tournament play. From the moment you arrive
	        at the world class     <strong><font color="#009900">Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando</font></strong><font color="#009900">,<strong> Florida</strong></font>      ,
	        you will begin to experience the life of the PGA Tour Player. </p>
	      <p> With     <strong><font color="#009900">Fairway Fantasy Vacations</font></strong>       you
	        have it all. Plus, you'll not just have access to a great teacher,
	        but golf's best instructor,     <strong><font color="#009900">Butch
	        Harmon</font></strong>       . See if he can do for you what
	        he did for <strong><font color="#009900">Tiger</font></strong> and     <strong></strong>      .     <strong><font color="#009900">Jan
	        Stephenson</font></strong>       will be teaching our LPGA
	        clinic. </p>
	      <p>Among these great names in golf are players who hold
	            <strong><font color="#009900">20 Major Championship Trophies</font></strong>      .
	        Did you ever think you would be playing with the same players that
	        have won     <strong><font color="#009900">The Masters,
	        The U.S. Open, The British Open, The PGA and the fifth Major, The
	        Players Championship</font></strong>      ?
	        Imagine the thrill of being able to share with your friends conversations
	        you have with world renown players as you circle the course in competition
	        at the Fantasy Classic. Listen to     <strong><font color="#009900">John
	        Daly</font></strong>       talk about winning the 1995 British Open, or witness     <strong><font color="#009900">Annika
	        Sorenstam</font></strong>       relate what she felt during the CISCO World
	        Ladies Match Play Championship as she scored a narrow victory over
	        Se Ri Pak to become the 2001 Rolex Player of the Year. </p></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_08.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=83 HEIGHT=370 border="0"></a></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_09.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=149 border="0"></a></TD>
		<TD valign="top" style="font-family: Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px "><div align="center">
		  <hr size="1">
	          <strong>1-866-790-3060</strong> to learn more and register for your
	          vacation with the pros. - Mention this email and receive $500 off
	          the package price, which includes: <strong style=" ">Free Private Lessons</strong>, <strong>Hotel
	      Accommodations</strong>, <strong>3 Tournament
	      Rounds</strong>, <strong>1 Practice Round</strong>, <strong>Clinics And
	      Much More!</strong> <br>
	        <strong style="font-family:Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:18px ">Visit us online at: <a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581' class="style2 style1">www.fairwayfantasyvacations.com</a></strong></div></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_11.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=155 HEIGHT=149 border="0"></a></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_12.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=83 HEIGHT=149 border="0"></a></TD>
			<IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_13.jpg" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=7 ALT=""></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_14.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=404 HEIGHT=7 border="0"></a></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_15.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=155 HEIGHT=7 border="0"></a></TD>
			<a href='http://www.einfo-fast.net/index.htm?CID=2&UID=197&LID=581'><IMG SRC="http://www.einfo-fast.net/images/golf/fantasy_golf_16.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH=83 HEIGHT=7 border="0"></a></TD>

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