[Build-common-hackers] Re: CDBS and package built from multiple tarballs

Jeff Bailey jbailey@nisa.net
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:43:28 -0700

On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 05:59:37PM +0200, Michael Koch wrote:

> > > Does cdbs supports packages built from multiple tarballs plus
> > > patches for several of the tarballs ?

> > I believe tarball.mk supports that, yes.  To actually build the
> > multiple packages, you'll probably want to hook in appropriate
> > things in build/foo and install/foo (where foo is a package).

> - From what I saw in tarball.mk it supports only ONE tarball at all.
> Do you know a package using CDBS and having multiple upstream tarballs 
> in it that I can use as example ?

tarball.mk definetly supports multiple tarballs, but they're pretty
limited in usefulness - Each would unpack in build_dir, but so far we
can only specify one DEB_SRCDIR to work with.  So the tarballs would
have to overlay.  (That's what I had in mind when I put it together

If you can give me a real scenario with two tarballs, I can add it to my
TODO list for things to think about.

I'm a bit behind on my side of the cdbs hacking, though.

Jeff Bailey