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Deborah Kabila kabila72a@ecplaza.net
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:19:11 -0700

Dear friend=2C 
RE save our soul 

I am Mrs=2E Deborah Kabila=2C one of the wives of Late
President Laurent D=2E Kabila of Democratic Republic of
Congo =28DRC=29=2E 
Consequent upon the assassination of my husband=2C I am
in possession of USD 58=2C000=2C000 =28Fifty Eight Million
US Dollars Only=29 being funds earlier earmarked for
special projects=2E This fund has since been deposited
in a security company in West African Country of Togo
where I am residing now with my children=2E 
It is now my intention to move the said fund out of
this place =28Togo=29 to a safer place for the benefit of
my children and I=2C for immediate investment=2E Based on
this that I solicited for your assistance to enable me
take this money out of Togo=2E 
However=2C note that my children and I have agreed to
give you 20% of the total fund if you can accept the
offer of assisting us=2E Also it will be your
responsibility in directing us on a viable business=2E
It is also my intention to relocate and probably take
a temporarily resident in your country pending when
all the troubles in my country will be resolved=2E We
advised that you look for a house we will buy as soon
as we arrived=2E 
To conclude this transaction=2C you will be required to
come to Togo to open an account in any bank here in
Togo where the security company will deposit the total
sum in your favor=2E From this bank the money will be
remitted into your original bank in your country=2E
Immediately this done=2C all of us will depart Togo to
your country=2C where my children and I are expected to
take a temporary resident=2E 
Please note that I can not open any Bank account with
my name because=2C My late husband's first
son-JOSEPH-who took over power in our country=2C don't
want to see me and my children=2C He claimed that when
our husband was alive=2C that I was very close to him
than any other of his wives including his =28Joseph=29
mother=2E He also claimed that because of my closeness
to him that I was able to get things from him more
than others=2E As a result he has been monitoring me=2E
Infact this one of the main reasons I want to take my
children out of our country and any nearby country=2E 

Thanking you in advance=2E 
Yours faithfully=2C 
Deborah Kabila =28Mrs=2E=29
N=2FB=3A Kindly give me your direct telephone=2Cfax and your mobile 
telephone numbers for
more explanations=2E