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idris belloidris_govt@yahoo.com
Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:29:39 +0300

>From the desk of
The director =28CEO=29
Idris Bello
My Dear=2C 
I got your mail address in your profile=2C I want to bring you into a business that will fetch us a deal worth of =28$26=2E5m USD=29=2C Twenty-Six Million=2C Five Hundred Thousand Dollars=2E if only you will be honest and make it remain confidential=2E It is all about squiring the above mention amount=2C that I discovered as an outstanding sum=2C that was miscalculated and included as part payment to our foreign contractor's payment=2E I was appointed the director in charge of this payment=2E as this opportunity came up=2C I immediately have decided to make good use of it=2C to carry out this fund
into a foreign account=2C as we here in the ministry are not allowed to operate foreign account=2C hence I seek your assistance=2E
I will invest this fund in real estate development and I don't know if you know much about it=2E be assured that every modalities for the conclusion of this transfer has been insured what i need from you is your genuine cooperation=2C this transaction is not intentional for you but for my old good friend but unfortunately his where about is not known=2C so I decided to offer you this business opportunity which i know that certainly it must be of mutual benefit to you as we conclude this transaction =2E What i need from you now is your postal address and personal phone and fax no=2E so that i will forward it to my lawyer who will secure all necessary approval documents with change of ownership of this fund consignment to your name as the beneficiary=2E As soon as the lawyer perfects the documentations to your name=2C he will submit it to the security company where this fund was deposited and the company will invite you to come for the signing and collection of your consignment=2E My reason of involving you in this transaction is that it requires the assistance of a foreign partner who will stand as my beneficiary and i want to invest this fund in your country=2E This fund was as a result of two of our senior staff who want to enrich themselves but unfortunately they were involved in a plane crash and they died=2C i was appointed the new auditor and accountant general of the ministry and I discovered this whooping amount of =28$26=2E5m=29=2EI just want to use my position to make sure that I used this fund on my personal investment and as I discovered this fund I immediately make sure that this fund was deposited with the security company here in Dubai U=2EA=2EE=2E as a family valuables for security reason=2C even the security company did not know that the contents of the consignment was money =2C just for security reasons=2E I assure you of 100% risk free upon the receives of your postal address which my lawyer will use to effect the release of this fund consignment to you =2E Please i need your urgent response for the speedy conclusion of this transaction=2E 
Thanks and extend my greetings to your family=2E 
Idris Bello=2E