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martins horsefall offor martinsoffor2004@uymail.com
Mon, 6 Dec 2004 22:36:46 +0100

Senator Martins Horsefall Offor
Niger Delta Development 
Commission (NDDC)
NDDC House
Garki,Wuse 3,Nigeria.

I am Senator Martins Horsefall Offor , a consultant engineer with the Nig=
Delta Development Commission an organ of government overseeing the operat=
and conduct of oil producing companies in the Niger Delta regions of Nige=

I am contacting you on the issue of assisting me in transferring the sum
of $15,500,000.00 United States Dollars (FIFTEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THO=
UNITED STATES DOLLARS) into a safe account in your country or another cou=
and the need is very urgent.

I write to solicit for the transfer of this money into your account or an=
account that you will provide. This money was generated from a contracts
awarded by my office. I am contacting you based on the following reasons:=

As a civil servant, I am not permitted to own foreign accounts due to the=

civil service code of conduct. I will need you to pose as the contractor
whom my office awarded this contract to and we are recommending you for
the payment of this fund to after executing the contract.

Your assistance and cooperation is highly needed and I will like to assur=
you that there is nothing to fear in this business as this transaction is=

100% risk free. You will also suggest the percentage you want for the ass=
would also like you to send me your private telephone number,fax number.
I sincerely believe that with your full cooperation this business will be=

concluded in the shortest possible time.

I look forward to having a good business relationship with you now and in=

the near future.

Awaiting your urgent response.

Yours Faithfully,

Senator Martins Horsefall Offor(BSC,FRSC,MON).

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