[Build-common-hackers] LETTER TO YOU

tomsonkawa tomsonkawa<tomsonkawa@tatanova.com>
Sat, 11 Dec 2004 22:06:43 +0530

I am reaching you in good spirit that you will take this 
with utmost seriousness and believing that it will bring a 
business and family relationship between us. However, you 
might be
wandering how I could have reached you? I was able to get 
contact via our London Business Consulate unit through the
recommendation of a reliable source. Moreover, should you 
to this deal; I wish to invest in your business venture.
I headed the National Bank of Nigeria1 Committee on 
Confirmation and Reconciliation. Before then, the bank has 
folded up
and its capital base taken over by the Nigerian Insurance 
Corporation. When in recess, our committee was established 
confirm the status of accounts of their client and make
recommendation toward the revival of the bank. Eventually, 
the bank
commenced! full banking services January this year.
In the course of our findings, I discovered that there 
exists a
large sum (would not disclose amount now for security 
reasons) in a
probate account (account belonging to a deceased) owned by 
American Woman that has not been claimed till date. After 
examination, I discovered that no executor was named in 
his (sic)
file. Then through some reliable contacts at the Nigerian 
Insurance Corporation (NDIC), I was able to deposit the 
fund in the
security vault of NDIC for onward clearance of the fund in 
any of
its corresponding Security Firm abroad.
Hence, I decided to contact you to stand in as the 
beneficiary of
the fund on the grounds of "Claims on Death". You are 
assumed to be
the business partner of the deceased applying for the 
payment of
this money due to you and it is solely ! for investment 
purposes. I
will take care of the legal proc edures to legally 
establish you as
the beneficiary of this fund. All papers will now be in 
your favor.
Immediately the legal status is established and you have 
relevant papers in your favor for claims, I will then 
recommend for
the fund to be forwarded to an appointed corresponding 
security firm
abroad for clearance and final acquisition by you.
All necessary arrangement for the smooth transaction of 
this deal is
intact; there are no loopholes at all. This is 100% safe. 
The new
management of National Bank will soon embark on the 
auditing of
these probate accounts; hence your prompt response will be 
appreciated. Should you be interested to transact this 
deal with me,
fax your resume to me for digest. Also include your Tel 
and fax
numbers, I donít have a secure direct line for the moment 
to take
your call but can reach you comforta! bly.
Thereafter, I will contact an attorney immediately for the 
procedures of this transaction and forward to you what our 
shall be.
Thanking you for your anticipated cooperation.
Chief Kudi Browne.