[Build-common-hackers] FROM MR RAYMOND MBA.

raymondmba8@virgilio.it raymondmba8@virgilio.it
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 08:38:11 +0100

Dear beloved one,

I am one of the personal aides to president Charles
Taylor of Liberia who is presntly living in Nigeria on political

sir, pls i need your foreign partnership to assist me
invest in your country. i have interest in buying of
shares, real estate management and any other
profitable business you may wish to recommend for me.

i have with me $8.5M for this project. i realized
the fund from sales we made in cash from liberia
diamond and timber trades during the administration of president 

This money is presently with.INTERNATIONAL BANK

Address: 64 Broad Street, Monrovia, Liberia.
what i have here with me in the Certificate of
Deposite,that i obtain from the Bank when the money is
been deposited which i will send to you as soon as we

i can assure you that this project will bring us
together for a long lasting relationship.

I need your private phone nos so that i speak with
you.i expect your reply accordingly.

My most problem now is the world national court has
given president Charles Taylor mandate to appear in
world court,which the Nigeria goverment is prepering
to hand him over to the world court for georgement for
his past rule to Liberian Government.

As soon as this money is been transfered to your
country, i will come over immediately.

best regards,

Raymond Mba.