[Build-common-hackers] PLEASE IS BRUNO ADAMS

brunams111 brunams111@libero.it
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:29:23 +0100


I am ADAMS BRUNO, the Director in charge of Auditing
and Accountin=
g section of Ghana Commercial Bank in
West Africa and also Chairman of I=
nvestigating and
Auditing Department of this Bank. With due respect,
d regard I have decided to contact you on a Business
Transaction that wi=
ll be very beneficial to both of us
and our families.

During our Inve=
stigation and Auditing in this Bank, my
department came across a very hu=
ge sum of money
belonging to one Mr. Aurther Billings a foreigner, who=0D
died on November 1st 1999 in a plane crash Overseas
and the fund has bee=
n dormant in his account with this
Bank without any claim of the fund in=
 our custody
either from his family or relation because he did not
cate any next of kin to this account incase of
death such as this.

though personally, I keep this information secret
within myself and part=
ners to enable the whole plans
and idea be profitable and successful dur=
ing the time
of execution. The said amount is U.S $35m(Thirty Five
ion United States Dollars). As it may interest you
to know, I got your i=
mpressive information through one
of my good friends who works with Cham=
ber of Commerce
on foreign business relations here in Accra-Ghana. It=0D
is him who recommended your person to me to be viable
and capable to cha=
mpion a business of such magnitude
without any problem. 

Meanwhile as=
 a Senior Staff in this bank, and the
Director of Auditing and Accountin=
g, I have in my
possession all the necessary documents to perfect this=0D
deal by making you the bonafide next of kin whom this
money will be tran=
sferred into his account. I need
your assistance and co-operation to get=
 this deal
done. Because as a foreigner, you stand a better
position to=
 be presented through documentation as the
next of kin since the decease=
d is also a foreigner,
this is the reason why I could not do this deal a=
as a Ghanian and a Blackman as well.

I will not fail to inform y=
ou that this transaction is
100% risk free. On smooth conclusion of this=

transaction, you will be entitled to 35% of the total
sum as gratifica=
tion, while 1% will be set aside to
take care of expenses that may arise=
 during the time
of transfer and also telephone bills, while 64% will=0D
be for me and my partners. Please, you have been
advised to keep "Top Se=
cret" as we are still in
service and intend to retire from service after=
conclude this deal with you. And I assure you that
this transaction=
 will not last more than 10 working
days and you confirm the money in yo=
ur account.

I will be monitoring the whole situation here in this
k until you confirm the money in your account. And
ask us to come down t=
o your country for subsequent
sharing of the fund according to percentag=
previously indicated and further investment, either in
your country =
or any country you advice us to invest
in. All other necessary vital inf=
ormation will be sent
to you when I hear from you. 

I suggest you get=
 back to me as soon as possible
stating your wish in this deal. I am exp=
ecting your
urgent reply as soon as you receive this message.