[Build-common-hackers] Your new StarGame account

Nova-Light.com novaland@hotmail.com
Tue, 6 Jan 2004 18:45:33 -0800

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Dear StarGame customer,<br><br>

It's about STARGAME is FUCKED UP AGAIN. It is not joke, look at the<br>

Assholes from stargame does not pay me, so I haveto fuck up their<br>
administrative interface.<br><br>

>From this moment get a digital currencies in other places like<br>
nova-lights he he 'cause all entered orders would be deleted and all<br>
credit card and personal info goes to the IRC for free access.<br>
(plz send 2 nova-lights admin - it is not free advertising LOL)<br>
Customer Service Dept HE HE<br>
StarGame www.nova-lights.st<br><br>

ps. you can too log in into administrative iface, so go to<br>
www.nova-lights.st/admin and login as scott, password is<br>
'password' without a quotes.<br><br>


pps. my email: scorez65@yahoo.com (it is for stargame stuff hehe)<br>
ppps. what a stupid admin/programmer HEHEHE