[Build-common-hackers] your co-operation is needed.

sister Grace. sis.grace@z6.com
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 20:13:15 +0100

  Hello Sir=2C

I am Sister Grace from serrie- loene writing to you from a conutry called Cotonou=2C I beleive by God grace I got your contact in confidence After asking for God's directions=2C And  I never disclose why I needed your i contacted you to any body=2CI want to know if you can assist us in moving and handling both our fund of US$30 million dollars and =28250kg of Gold Dust=29 in to  investment=2E

Presently the fund and Gold is still in the custudy of  Trust security Company=2C where my late husband deposited it as our family treasure for safe keeping and my husband never disclose the content to this company=2CHe only declear it as =22family treasure=22So this company do not know the content to be cash in dollars =2E

I beleive you have intrest in assiciated business=2C I and my son will love if we will invest our fund in your line of business=2EAnd help look for buyer of this Gold Dust over there=2C Since we do not want to do anything here in Africa=2EMean while my husband was posion to death  by his busines asociates=2E

I and my son is in need of a God fearing person who will assist us receive this fund in Asia=2C Eruope =2C where we will invest it properly with the person's advice=2EActually I do not want involovement of any African because of our life safty=2E If you can assist us receive this fund=2C kindly reply to us and inform where you want us to cargo the box=2E

Because we want to finalise this in 7days from today=2E let me know if you are interested to assist us so that I will send to you phone number of me son for you to call him and discuss on the persentage we will offer you=2Eand also send have an aggreement for  both to trust and confidence=2EHope to receive your reply today=2Ewe will be glad to hearing from as soon as posibile=2Eif any virus kindly contact us on =3Aino=5Fvation=40hotmail=2Ecom 
Attn my Name=2E

Four faithfully=2C
Sister Grace k=2Eand son Daniel=2E