[Build-common-hackers] INVESTMENT PROPOSAL

FROM PEDRO CHIDI OKADIGBO pedro2000@fsmail.net
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 12:32:15 +0100


Permit me and Let not my letter come to you as a surprise=2C I am contacting you based on the trust and confidence I reposed on you that you can be capable of executing this transaction to for our mutual benefit=2C and I know you will not betray me=2E 

I am Pedro Chidi the second son of Dr=2E Chuba Okadigbo who was former President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria=2C died on Thursday September 25=2C 2003=2Cat the age of 61=2C in Abuja=2E He was vice presidential aspirant of the All Nigeria Peoples Party =28ANPP=29=2E My late father have huge anmount=2EAnd i confide in you to disclose my late fathers' wealth acquired while in office as the president=2E The sum of =28$400=2E3 Million Dollars=29as it may intrest you=2C deposited in to a finance security company abroad for safe-keeping by my late father without making the real contents of the consignment that contains the fund known to the finance security company=2E 
I am soliciting for your assistance in securing investment=2Fmanagement into your country's any locrative business=2Cprivate sector=2C particularly in your medium and small scale industrial sectors for the investment=2Fmanagement of this fund because I am a young man with no experience in international investment =2E 
Procedures =3A 
1=2E open receiving ytour reply to agree and handle this fund i shall inform this company to released the fund as i authorised you as my business partinner in abroad for them to released it to you as soon as I hear from you=2E
You are required to furnish me with the following =3AYour Full Name=2CAddress =2CYour Bank account number=2C Your direct tel & fax number for easy communication=2C Beneficiary name of the account number=2EWith the above information's=2C I shall forwarded all this your information required for the to release this fund to you =2Eright now I am currently sating in Cotonou Republic of Benin West Africa for security purposes=2EBut before we can do any thing you will draft an agreement for both of us to be reached first=2E 
I therefore advise you to treat this with utmost secrecy and urgency I am seriously intends working with you=2C so if you accept this proposal kindly confirm your readiness by contacting me with my email above for further details=2ENOTE=3AI am not ready to =28contact any other person=29 until I confirm your readiness to this prospect waiting your urgent response =2E 
Faithfuly Yours 
Pedro Chidi Okadigbo=2E