[Build-common-hackers] THE AKU FAMILY SAGA(REPLY)

williamsaku@quick.cz williamsaku@quick.cz
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 21:08:10 -0700

Conscience, they say, is an open wound, which only the truth can heal.I had concealed this for too long a time, but I had just realized that I
have not been doing myself any good. Then, I resorted now to contact you, believing it will be one of the wisest things, in that it will help me go a long way in life, and also it will benefit you reasonably.
My names are, Williams Aku,25 years of age, the son of late Ishaya Mark Aku, former Nigerian Sports Minister, who died in an Air Plane crash few years back,
while on an active duty for his Country. He was successful while alive as the Sports Minister, and as a result, he made quite a fortune. He
deposited a sum of USD$ 47.5 million in a Security Company and endorsed me as the Next Of Kin. Right now, the situation is tensed up that I am about to loose my Inherited fortune to some group of people who never worked for it, neither
does it belong to them, All because of Greed and Conspiracy that revolve within the family and extended relations.
Should you be interested and willing to help me out, I want to move this money ($47.5 million) over to you so that you can keep it safe in your
care,afterwhich I will immediately come over and meet you for us to jointly carry out further investment plans since I am still young and inexperienced, and also give you your entitlement as we would agree later. If you accept to urgently help me out, please get back to me as quickly as possible, providing your telephone and fax numbers to communicate you effectively and
timely,and your full contacts, so that I can consult with my Lawyer and have him prepare a Power of Attorney to empower you, and an Agreement Bond for us to sign, which will protect our individual interest legally.
Please, your quick reply is highly required so that I would not be
to make further contact in this regard.

Remain Blessed,

Williams Aku
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